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Learn 24

Planning with Data

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This workshop is for program managers and their teams who have self and/or external assessment Youth PQA data available for their program.

Site managers and other key staff and team members who are engaged in the quality improvement process should attend this workshop. A good portion of the workshop is dedicated to sites working with data and planning, so multiple staff from each site are encouraged to attend. Coaches and network advisors that have been or will be working with sites to implement plans and complete the improvement process are also encouraged to attend, and can work with sites during the workshop. External assessors or others may attend if they will be later engaged as trainers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Consider aspects of change and ways to stimulate a successful change initiative.
  • Read and interpret program quality data.
  • Create an effective improvement plan for their organization, based on data.
  • Create an effective plan for taking their plan back to their organization.
The Institute for Youth Development