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Learn 24

Beyond Behaviorism: Shifting the Lens When Assessing and Supporting Behaviors

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Many professionals are working tirelessly to shift the behavioral paradigm away from the traditional behavioral approach and toward what current relational and neuroscience research has taught us. When we know better, we do better! Let’s take that information and use it to redesign tools we use frequently in schools and community settings today – functional behavioral assessments and positive behavioral intervention plans. If you are struggling with these processes and if they do not align with your current philosophy and belief system, then this workshop is for you! Participants will get a deep dive into how to make these common processes more trauma sensitive, neurodiversity-affirming and aligned with current research.

Three Learning Objectives:

+ Participants will describe what a functional behavioral assessment is and when it is needed.
+ Participants will describe the brief history of the functional behavioral assessment and positive behavioral intervention plan.
+ Participants will describe at least 5 shifts to align functional behavioral assessments and behavior support plans with current knowledge and research.